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Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Aims and Scope

Nanotechnology, dealing with functional structures and materials smaller than 100nm, is emerging as a truly interdisciplinary research area spanning several traditional scientific disciplines. In keeping with the growing trend, there is a strong need for a platform to share original research related to applications of nanotechnology in biomedical fields. In order to fulfill this demand, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology (JBN) is being created as an international peer-reviewed periodical that covers applications of nanotechnology in all fields of life sciences. JBN publishes original full papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews with author's photo and biography, and short communications encompassing the fundamental and applied research aspects. To speed up the reviewing process, we will provide on-line refereeing of all articles submitted in electronic form. Authors receive these benefits:

Electronic submission of articles
Fast reviewing
Rapid times to publication
No page charges
Free color where justified
Distinguished editorial board
Available in print and online editions


Broadly speaking, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology covers applications of nanotechnology in biotechnology, medicine, biosciences, and all other related fields of life sciences. The coverage includes applications of nanotechnology in all fields of life sciences, all kinds of nanoscale biomaterials, biomimetics of biological materials and machines, nanoprobes, biocompatible surfaces, functional bioengineered materials, polypeptides, bioceramics, biopolymers, organic-inorganic hybrid biomaterials, nanocomposites, biological macromolecules, proteins, enzymes, kinases, phosphatases, DNA-based nanostructures, molecular assemblies, biomolecules, cells, and glycans, biochips, microarrays, biocompatibility aspects of materials, interactions between biomaterials, protein-surface, cells, tissue and organs, cellular matrix interaction,, artificial muscles and organs, biomembranes, bioseparation process, drug delivery, biopolymers for orthopedic and cardiovascular applications, dentistry, bone, bioanalysis, biosensors, molecular sensors, clinical diagnostic techniques, nanoparticles for drug delivery, dendrimers for medicine, biomedical implantation, biomechanics, bioinstrumentation, nanoscale physiology and pathology, bioinformatics, nanoscale genetics and genome research, gene expression, immunoassays, proteomics and protein-based nanostructures, sequencing of nucleic acid, DNA and RNA, biomarkers, biocomputing, instrumentation techniques for nanobioscience, nanoscale cellular and tissue engineering, nanodevices, biomedical nanoelectronics, biomedical microsystems, biochemistry and biophysics aspects, BioMEMS, nanofabrication, nanotubes, lab-on-a-chip, biological motors, biomembranes, nanofilters, biosensors, nanotechnologies for cell and tissues, nanofluidics, pharmaceutical nanotechnology, drug and gene delivery, therapeutic proteins, disease control, cancer therapeutics, diagnostic techniques, nanoscale imaging, nanoanalysis, spectroscopic studies using X-ray, STM, AFM, SNOM, systems biology, computational biology, etc., and much more. . .


Scientists, engineers, biologists, and medical experts working in biological aspects of nanotechnology having connections with biotechnology, medicine, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical science, biochemistry, biophysics, biomaterials, microsystems engineering, genome science, bionformatics, biocomputing, bionanoelectronics, biomechanical engineering, bio-optical science, bioceramic and biochemical engineering, surface science, polymer science, spectroscopy, agricultural science, veterinary science, food science, and all other related areas of life sciences.


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Journal of

V. Labhasetwar
Department of Biomedical Engineering/ND20
Lerner Research Institute
Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195, USA
Phone: (216) 445-9364
Fax: (216) 444-9198

M. N. V. Ravi Kumar
Department of Pharmaceutics
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)
Sector 67, SAS Nagar 160062, Punjab, INDIA
Phone: +91-172-2214-683-89 (Ext. 2055)
Fax: +91-172-2214-692

E. Fattal
School of Pharmacy
University of Paris-Sud
5 rue Jean-Baptiste Clément
92296 Châtenay-Malabry Cedex, FRANCE

T. Schalkhammer
Max Perutz Laborartories
Department of Biochemistry
University of Vienna
Dr. Bohrgasse 9
A-1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA

I. C. Kwon
Biomedical Research Center
Korea Institute of Science and Technology

A. Mittal
Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Indian Institute of Technology
Delhi New Delhi 110016, INDIA

H.-W. Sung
Department of Chemical Engineering
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu 30013, TAIWAN

S. G. Antimisiaris, University of Patras, GREECE; E-mail
N. Ashammakhi, Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND; E-mail:
M. J. Blanco-Prieto, University of Navarra, SPAIN; E-mail:
P. Caliceti, University of Padova, ITALY; E-mail:
S. Chen, University of Texas at Austin, USA; E-mail:
Y. C. Chen, National Chiao Tung University, TAIWAN; E-mail:
M. M. De Villiers, University of Wisconsin, USA; E-mail:
S. Kawakami, Kyoto University, JAPAN; E-mail:
R. Löbenberg, University of Alberta, CANADA; E-mail:
D. Luo, Cornell University, USA; E-mail:
S. M. Moghimi, University of Brighton, UK; E-mail:
O. P. Perumal, South Dakota State University, USA; E-mail:
E. Prenner, University of Calgary, CANADA; E-mail:
C. Prestidge, University of South Australia, AUSTRALIA; E-mail:
I. Rubinstein, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; E-mail:
S. Senel, Hacettepe University, TURKEY; E-mail:
G. A. Silva, University of California at San Diego, USA; E-mail:


A. Almeida, PORTUGAL
U. Bakowsky, GERMANY
G. Barratt, FRANCE
S. Y. Chen, TAIWAN
C. S. Cho, KOREA
V. Cristini, USA
R. K. DeLong, USA
E. B. Denkbas, TURKEY
E. Esposito, ITALY
J.-Y. Fang, TAIWAN
D. Fatouros, UK
R. B. Gupta, USA
K. Kataoka, JAPAN
R. Kannan, USA
J. Kreuter, GERMANY
Z. Lacava, BRAZIL
P. Laggner, AUSTRIA
A. Lamprecht, FRANCE
C. T. Laurencin, USA
S. C. Lee, USA
C. Leuschner, USA
D. Leslie-Pelecky, USA
R. J. Levy, USA
Y. Lin, USA
C. Montemagno, USA
R. J. Mumper, USA
L. S. Nair, USA
H. Onyuksel, USA
A. R. Pohlmann, BRAZIL
D. Quintanar-Guerrero, MEXICO
U. B. Sleytr, AUSTRIA
S. Slomkowski, POLAND
R. Solaro, ITALY
S. Stolnik, UK
J. Tanaka, JAPAN
T. J. Thomas, USA
V. P. Torchilin, USA
I. F. Uchegbu, UK
P. Vadgama, UK
B. Von Rechenberg, SWITZERLAND
C. Villiers, FRANCE
T. J. Webster, USA
V. Weissig, USA
M. Zhang, USA
N. Zhang, CHINA
Q. Zhang, CHINA

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